Mädler historien


Mädler historien

On November 9th, 1882 the foundations were laid. Bruno Mädler went self employed. He was dealing with fittings and hardware for the building industry, rivets, screws, bolts and nuts.

In 1905 the company proudly moved into their first own company building. The numbers of customers, products and employees were quickly rising. Thus in the 30ies the company had about 300 employees and was one of the leading tool building and mechanical engineering companies in Germany.

The end of the war in 1945 brought along drastic changes, two months before the end of the war: air raid on Berlin. The Mädler company building in Köpenicker Street was completely destroyed.

When the rebuilding began, nobody new about the separation of Berlin that would later take place. Bad luck, that a site in East Berlin was chosen to dare a new start. The trade company was thus later managed as a trust and in 1972 the company was officially converted into public property.

Jens S is the distributor of Mädler products in Norway.





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