Type AU

Guided Shaker Systems

Type AU

ROSTA oscillating mountings type AU are maintenance-free elastic joints for suspending or supporting conveying troughs, screens, sorters and all devices excited by eccentric drives or unbalanced motors with directed oscillations. They are primarily used for installations with an effective distance between the single units (rocker length A) in special designed small serie shakers and troughs, i.e. in cases the spacing of the AS type does not fit the construction.
These AU elements are mounted on the trough by means of fixing flanges. The housings are available with either right- or left-hand threads. They are joined together by means of a threaded rod which must be provided by the customer.
The rocker housings are made of die-cast aluminium, AU 50 and 60 types are made of spheroidal graphite cast iron. All cores have fixing plates made of steel. Oscillating Mountings


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