Type HS

Oscillating mountings

Type HS

The ROSTA Type AB oscillating mountings have created a good name for themselves as screen box suspensions in screening technology thanks to their high isolation effect, high level of lateral stability, security against overload and high resistance to corrosion.

For reasons related to the process, approximately 20 % of all screen and discharge chutes have suspended mounts under material bunkers and metering shafts. ROSTA Type AB oscillating mountings are also often used for the assembly of these vibration units, as a suspended screening machine can be directly connected to silos and bunkers using AB suspensions without having to organise complicated yoke constructions. 

The new HS suspensions (hanging screen) have a guide arm geometry that is designed for tensile loads. With ideal loading, the natural frequency of this suspension thereby sinks from its former 5.5 Hz to only approx. 3.5 Hz, which guarantees an isolating effect > 97 %.

The HS suspensions are now available for the load values listed below: 

HS 27 for tensile loads of 500 - 1′250 N
HS 38 for tensile loads of 1′200 - 2′500 N
HS 45 for tensile loads of 2′000 - 4′200 N
HS 50 for tensile loads of 3′500 - 8′400 N
HS 50-2 for tensile loads of 6′000 - 14′000 N

Oscillating Mountings

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