Type AB & AB-I

Oscillating mountings

Type AB & AB-I

ROSTA oscillating mountings type AB are maintenance-free elastic rockers for the support or suspension of freely oscillating vibrating equipment with a wide variety of designs and drive systems. They assist the driving forces in the conveying direction and assure good linear guidance of the oscillating part of the machine. The pantograph structure of the oscillating mounting allows large spring deflection under load, which results in low natural frequencies (down to ca. 2.2 Hz) and hence exceptionally high insulation efficiency towards the support structure. The great lateral stability of ROSTA oscillating mountings prevents the wobbling of the screen casing typical of helical spring mountings on passing through the resonant frequency.
The housings of the element sizes AB 15 to 38 are made out of light alloy profile and are equipped with lateral fixation flanges, including the required fixation bores for direct mounting on customers machine part. The mountings AB 45, AB 50 and AB 50-2 have spheroidal graphite iron feet for direct bolting to the screen and the support structure.
The housings of the double rubber suspension units are of aluminium profile for sizes AB 15 to AB 45, and in spheroidal graphite iron for sizes AB 50 and AB 50-2.

All AB oscillating mountings are also available in stainless steel (AISI 304)!Oscillating Mountings


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